HIPAA Compliance Is Easy...

when you know the rules!

Your Internet-based Software as a Service solution that makes it easy to learn and follow HIPAA Rules and protect patient privacy.

We Make HIPAA Easy

The HIPAA E-Tool® – HIPAA Compliance & Training Services

Our Internet-based software walks you step-by-step through the HIPAA Rules to protect patient privacy. Its exclusive Search Box allows you to find the exact information and explanation about every HIPAA Privacy and Security topic you need. HIPAA policies, procedures, forms and lessons – always up to date can be downloaded. We offer online training through webinars or one-on-one sessions and live, in-person HIPAA compliance training.  

We Think Differently

We think HIPAA can be explained clearly and simply. We prove it by making a product that is beautifully designed and easy to use.

Up To Date

Our product is the only compliance tool you’ll need. It’s updated instantly, whenever a HIPAA Rule changes or new Federal guidance is issued.

Expert And Complete

The E-Tool is written by attorney Paul R. Hales, a nationally recognized leader in HIPAA Compliance. The content is presented in clear and simple language.

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What They're Saying

With The HIPAA E-Tool® I no longer worry about whether I have HIPAA answers. For the first time, I have a complete Risk Management plan, and I did this myself, saving me so much time and money.”

– a physician in St. Louis and four-year customer

-Michael W Mackniak
JD PNP Leader and HIPAA Consultant
"Simply put - this ingenious, comprehensive program is a MUST for the modern, HIPAA-compliant agency."
- Group Dental Practice in the Midwest
"The HIPAA E-Tool has been an extremely valuable resource for our growing organization. They are quick to answer questions and go above and beyond with scheduling one-on-one calls to talk through specific situations. We feel confident with all things HIPAA compliance because we have The HIPAA E-Tool."
-A busy private medical practice
"The HIPAA E-Tool is affordable, reliable, and easily accessible for all our HIPAA needs. Total peace of mind."

Your Turnkey Solution for HIPAA Compliance

For those in the healthcare industry, HIPAA compliance is not only a legal imperative, but an ethical one.  Your business is obligated to safeguard private information provided by patients, protecting it from threats like data breach and identity theft, whether it’s being used, stored, transmitted, or even disposed of.

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