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We Make HIPAA Easy

The HIPAA E-Tool® is a software program provided in the cloud to help office managers, practitioners, and business associates assess risk and then work toward compliance. If a breach occurs, The HIPAA E-Tool® guides administrators through a step-by-step process back to business as usual.

We Think Differently

We think HIPAA can be explained clearly and simply. We prove it by making a product that is beautifully designed and easy to use.

Up To Date

Our product is the only compliance tool you’ll need. It’s updated instantly, whenever a HIPAA Rule changes or new Federal guidance is issued.

Expert And Complete

The E-Tool is written by attorney Paul R. Hales, a nationally recognized leader in HIPAA Compliance. The content is presented in clear and simple language.

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What They're Saying
“With The HIPAA E-Tool® I no longer worry about whether I have HIPAA answers. For the first time, I have a complete Risk Management plan and I did it myself, saving me so much time and money.”
- A physician in St. Louis
What They're Saying
“We really enjoy the interactive website that allows our office to update our policies and forms at any time. The customer service is great and they are always willing to answer our questions and concerns.”
- A northern Illinois regional clinic
What They're Saying
" In just the first two hours of using The HIPAA E-Tool®, I can tell how much time this will save. Anyone with a busy practice who needs easy-to-follow guidance through the rules and policies of HIPAA would benefit from The HIPAA E-Tool®."
- A Missouri chiropractor and sole practitioner
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Social Media Meets HIPAA

HIPAA rules were created well before Facebook was created. Back then, nobody imagined public websites where personal information could be shared to a billion people with the click of a button. Now what?

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Patient Access to Medical Records

Access to medical records should be easy. Do not use a HIPAA Authorization form, or overcharge patients for copies if you want to comply with HIPAA. This is a hot button issue right now at the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) so it’s important to handle patients’ requests for their own records the right way.

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