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You probably have some questions about The HIPAA E-Tool®. We’re here to answer all of them.

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to reach out if you need more assistance or would like a software demonstration.

The HIPAA E-Tool® is a complete HIPAA compliance program that contains all policies, procedures and forms required to comply with HIPAA. It’s easy to use, available on any computer or device connected to the Internet, and is always up to date at the exact time a HIPAA regulation changes, at no additional cost.*
If your Internet connection at your current location is down you won’t be able to access The HIPAA E-Tool®.  But, you can still access your subscription from any computer with an Internet connection – just be sure it’s a secure connection, not a public one.

Nothing. We designed The HIPAA E-Tool® to be as easy to use as possible for busy people with other responsibilities. To help, the program includes step by step instructions and simple, recognizable forms so you can quickly and confidently be up and running. We also include a Search Box with answers and immediate access to compliance forms and documents.

You are never alone when you use The HIPAA E-Tool® – help is always available through our toll-free telephone and email customer service options.

Because The HIPAA E-Tool®:

  • Is complete – unlike any set of polices published by associations or commercial vendors.
    • No product except The HIPAA E-Tool® has every question you can be asked by Federal Regulators in a HIPAA Compliance Audit and clickable links to your policies, procedures and forms you must use and produce to pass.
    • For quality assurance, every policy, procedure, form and explanation has an exact legal citation to the applicable HIPAA regulation and statute for use by compliance professionals and legal counsel.
    • And because it is web-based it is updated (with advance notice) at the exact time a HIPAA regulation changes, at no additional cost.
  • Saves time – everything you need is easy to find and instantly available on your computer screen.
  • Is flexible – keep existing policies you like and adopt new ones from The HIPAA E-Tool®. You can also add language and procedures you prefer to policies in The HIPAA E-Tool® and modify patient forms, lesson plans, business associate agreements, contingency plans, breach notification templates and other forms to suit your needs, preferences and style.
  • Is supported by HIPAA experts, including lawyers, who answer phones and emails promptly to help guide you, at no extra cost.
The HIPAA E-Tool® is designed to work for one or multiple locations. There are two types of users – Administrative and Authorized. The person or persons responsible for developing and administering HIPAA policies for the organization will receive Administrator log-ins, and additional locations (offices or branches) will receive Authorized user log-ins. Both types of users have access to download and print all The HIPAA E-Tool® documents, enter information on downloaded word processing forms, use the Search Box feature and perform an interactive HIPAA Risk Analysis – Risk Management at one site. The Administrator can also add language and policies, and is able to view Authorized user activity throughout the organization.

Most organizations install their complete HIPAA Compliance Program in 2-3 days. Once installed, review and updates take little time. Your focus will shift to HIPAA workforce training with materials and Security Reminders from The HIPAA E-Tool®.

Annually. But The HIPAA E-Tool® makes the Risk Analysis and the Risk Management plan easy to do. It guides you step-by-step through secure, interactive, web-based procedures that follow Federal guidelines. Forms in the Risk Analysis automatically create Risk Management to-do and completion lists. Each Interactive form creates a PDF document for internal use, compliance audits and investigations. Then each Risk Analysis – Risk Management is archived for retrieval during an audit or investigation. And the forms for your next year’s Risk Analysis are pre-populated with data from the last so you can quickly update them with any new information.

Because HIPAA compliance is about much more than electronic records. Paper records, oral and text communications, the use of social media and patient engagement are all part of HIPAA compliance.

Full compliance requires identifying risks to Protected Health Information (PHI) every year –  Risk Analysis; and managing the risks – Risk Management. Ongoing Workforce Training is also required to help the workforce understand how to maintain privacy and security of patient information.

What matters is whether your job duties involve Protected Health Information, not where you work. If you are a business associate you must have your own HIPAA policies and procedures. If you are a workforce member for a covered entity (whether as an employee, independent contractor, or even volunteer) you must follow the covered entity’s HIPAA policies.

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