HIPAA Horror Stories

True and Terrifying Tales of Breaches, Disclosures and Penalties

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The Celebrity Snooper

Accessing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for entertainment is an obvious HIPAA violation. In this HIPAA Horror Story, we’ll meet a fired UCLA Health Systems employee who paid a high price after reading the private health records of Hollywood celebrities.

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The Million-Dollar Copy Machine

It was a simple photocopier. But when its lease expired, the machine — and the thousands of medical records stored on its internal hard drive — went on sale to the highest bidder.

This is the story of how a health plan got fined over $1 million because its staff didn’t know what lurks inside every copy machine manufactured since 2002.

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Ransomware Catastrophe

After a vicious ransomware attack hijacks their Electronic Health Records, two Michigan surgeons shutter their practice, take early retirement and leave their patients stranded.

Learn how this attack destroyed an entire business and what could have been done to prevent this HIPAA Horror Story.

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