HIPAA Horror Stories

True and Terrifying Tales of Breaches, Disclosures and Penalties

The Stolen Laptop

A Rhode Island Health System paid over a million dollar penalty because their HIPAA compliance was only half-hearted and they didn’t follow through.

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slow walking turtle

The Leisurely Lapse

A giant hospital group loses a simple document, slow-walks their response and gets nailed with a nearly half-million-dollar penalty. Notifications must be timely or the costs can be enormous.

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Lost thumb drive causes privacy breach

The Lost Thumb Drive

A Massachusetts dermatology practice loses a tiny thumb drive and gains a lot of HIPAA headaches. A privacy breach like this is preventable. Don’t become a HIPAA Horror Story.

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alaska aurora borealis

The Alaska Atrocity

The state of Alaska’s health regulator runs afoul of HIPAA and learns that the federal government doesn’t play favorites, when it comes to protecting patient privacy.

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Risk management phone loss

The Texas-Sized Failure

Lost Phone Exposes HIPAA Risk Management Failure Have you ever lost your phone? It’s inconvenient and annoying. But that’s usually the end of it. But

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