Step Up Your Game in HIPAA Compliance

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Three priorities will take you a long way toward improving your HIPAA compliance. Taking cues from security experts and the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) enforcement over the past year, our three suggestions are: 1. Complete (or refresh last year’s) Risk Analysis, 2. Review your breach notification policies and 3. Ramp up workforce training. Risk […]

$16M Anthem Settlement: Our Take

On October 15, 2018 OCR announced a $16 million settlement with Anthem over the 2015 breach of 79 million individuals’ protected health information. It’s the largest settlement amount in OCR history, and the largest healthcare data breach to date since HIPAA was implemented. In addition to the dollar payment, Anthem signed a Resolution Agreement and […]

HIPAA During Hurricane Florence

HIPAA is NOT Suspended During Emergencies Hospitals and Public Health agencies roll into action during disasters. Working with FEMA, other public agencies and the private sector, all collaborate to protect the health and safety of individuals who face risks and injury. Time is short and personnel may be overworked. And while HIPAA remains in place […]

OCR Has Collected Almost $80 Million Through Enforcement

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has been busy enforcing HIPAA since the Privacy Rule came into effect in 2003. OCR has settled or imposed a civil money penalty in 55 cases resulting in a total dollar amount of $78.8 million in the last fifteen years. Many other investigations resulted in corrective action plans or […]

Wearable Tech Triggers HIPAA

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Does HIPAA Apply? Your FitBit, Smartwatch or hearing aid, if not connected or communicating to a healthcare provider, is not affected by HIPAA. But when you provide the data to a doctor or a health plan, HIPAA kicks in. The responsibility for compliance is on the provider or the health plan, and those organizations should make […]

Botnet Report – Strategies for a Worldwide Response to Cybercrime

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Cybercrime is increasing at a rapid pace, interfering with business operations, costing millions, breaching privacy and threatening national security. Our federal government is addressing the growing threat with recommendations on how to respond. The 50-page Report[i] released May 30, 2018, calls for international cooperation and partnerships across the private and public sectors. But the key […]