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HIPAA Risk Analysis with The The HIPAA E-Tool®

If you have been involved in the healthcare industry for any notable length of time, you have certainly heard your fair share of HIPAA horror stories. These terrifying tales of data breaches and accidental disclosures often lead to huge penalties that can cripple an organization. Cybersecurity risks are common today for everyone but in healthcare, a ransomware attack that encrypts patient information is defined as a HIPAA breach. Fortunately, our HIPAA E-Tool can help you avoid experiencing one of these horror stories firsthand. Our cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) includes key functionalities designed to protect your data and assist you in maintaining compliance. One of the most popular and useful features of this SaaS offering is our HIPAA Risk Analysis. Our HIPAA Risk Analysis is a standard feature that is included in The HIPAA E-Tool® . This program roots out any breach risk assessment factors so that you can take steps to secure your network. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you have been proactive regarding HIPAA compliance and data security. Contact us today to learn more or sign up for our SaaS HIPAA Risk Analysis and E-Tool.

What Is The HIPAA E-Tool®

The HIPAA E-Tool® is a comprehensive compliance program that includes several different tools and services. One of these tools is the HIPAA Risk Analysis. Our program also contains all policies, procedures, and forms required to comply with HIPAA. Once you have created an account, you can access the E-Tool and HIPAA Risk Analysis function from any device connected to the internet. Our experts ensure that our tools are always up to date with the latest HIPAA regulation changes. While you might be concerned that you need an advanced background in HIPAA regulations and cybersecurity to use our E-Tool, this is not the case. The entire program, including the HIPAA Risk Analysis tool, was designed with the everyday user in mind. We understand that you have loads of other responsibilities and do not have time to become a HIPAA expert. That is why our program includes simple step-by-step instructions and easily recognizable forms, allowing you to get up and running fast. Our program even includes a convenient Search Box to make your life even easier. If you want to ask a question or find a definition, simply enter a term in the Search Box, and you’ll find help like Wikipedia from the E-Tool, including links to the forms and policies you need.

What Is a HIPAA Risk Analysis?

A HIPAA Risk Analysis is a tool that is designed to uncover risks to the protected health information in your care. A big part of it includes a security risk assessment to reveal potential weaknesses in your digital infrastructure. Once the analysis is complete, the E-Tool provides an easy to use form to assign action steps and deadlines, all saved and documented as your risk management plan. You can also track your workforce training and business associate agreements, with guidance about how to manage business associate risks. Performing HIPAA Risk Analysis is not just a good idea; HIPAA actually requires it. All covered entities and business associates must conduct a thorough risk analysis to identify and document vulnerabilities that may expose protected health information.

The HIPAA Risk Analysis function of our E-Tool is a great way of locating shortcomings in your data protection protocols. You can provide the reports generated from our HIPAA Risk Analysis E-Tool as proof that you are in compliance. Documentation of your compliance is essential if the regulators come calling. In addition, you can leverage the insights provided from the HIPAA Risk Analysis to improve your data security practices. This approach will help you better protect patient data while simultaneously guarding against a potentially costly compliance issue. Don’t wait until you fall victim to a cyberattack. Take advantage of our E-Tool and HIPAA Risk Analysis today to protect yourself and your organization.

HIPAA Compliance Made Easy

Let’s face it, staying apprised of the ever-changing requirements of HIPAA can be a challenge, especially if you try to handle everything in-house. Fortunately, our E-Tool and HIPAA Risk Analysis software make compliance easy. We provide the most complete SaaS solution for HIPAA compliance and risk protection purposes available. Unlike many other services, our solution includes every question Federal Regulators might ask you in a HIPAA compliance audit. This expansive coverage means that our risk analysis software can perform a more comprehensive assessment than any other tool. During your security risk assessment, our HIPAA Risk Analysis tool will address every aspect of cybersecurity as it pertains to HIPAA compliance. It will give you the information needed to shore up your cybersecurity defenses so that you can effectively secure protected health information. There is no easier way to conduct a risk assessment than with our HIPAA E-Tool. If you would like to take advantage of this extremely convenient compliance solution, reach out to our team today. We can provide you with additional information about pricing, the E-Tool’s capabilities, and more!

How Long Does a HIPAA Risk Analysis Take?

Once you have signed up and created your account, you can complete a HIPAA Risk Analysis in just a few days in most cases. From there, you can proactively improve your security protocols and install a compliance program. Most organizations that use our E-Tool have their complete HIPAA Compliance Program up and running in as little as two to three days. From there, you can turn your attention to HIPAA workforce training with materials and security reminders from the HIPAA E-Tool. During these training sessions, you can discuss the findings of your HIPAA Risk Assessment and educate staff members on external security threats. After you conduct your first HIPAA Risk Analysis, completing this essential step in future years will be even easier. Our E-Tool auto-populates data from the previous year’s Risk Analysis. All you need to do is update these forms with any new information. Each of our interactive forms will create a PDF document for internal use. These documents can also be used for compliance audits and investigations. Every HIPAA Risk Analysis that you complete using our E-Tool is archived for retrieval in the event that you are the subject of an investigation.

HIPAA Risk Analysis Resources for Your Office

Our HIPAA E-Tool is the premier resource for conducting a Risk Analysis. The program makes both Risk Analysis and Risk Management extremely easy, regardless of your experience level. When conducting your HIPAA Risk Analysis, you will receive step-by-step instructions through our secure, interactive program. This program stringently adheres to all Federal guidelines to ensure that you are in compliance. Once you have input your information into the Risk Analysis forms, the E-Tool will automatically create a Risk Management to-do list. When you complete a task on these lists, the system will update the forms accordingly. Each interactive form will also create a PDF document that you can use for internal record-keeping purposes. This process allows you to create a detailed paper trail of your efforts to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Who Can Benefit from HIPAA Risk Analysis?

The HIPAA E-Tool® and Risk Analysis function are great compliance solutions for any entity that handles protected health information. Our SaaS program was designed to work for single locations or multi-site businesses. We have special editions for providers, health plans, business associates, and third-party administrators, each tailored to their unique needs. It is also a great option for individuals that work from home and handle protected health information as part of their job responsibilities. When creating your account, you will have the option to sign up as either an Administrative user or an Authorized user. Individuals who are tasked with developing HIPAA policies for their organization will need an Administrator log-in. Those who are responsible for managing satellite locations will receive an Authorized user log-in. Both users will have access to all documents included in the E-Tool. They will also be able to input information into downloaded forms and use the Search Box features. In addition, both types of users can complete a HIPAA Risk Analysis using interactive web-based forms. However, only the Administrator can add language and policies. They will also be able to view the activity of Authorized users throughout the organization. Our solution gives the Administrator complete control and oversight so that they can effectively manage their organization’s HIPAA compliance program.

The HIPAA E-Tool® : Better than EHR Systems Alone

If you are already using a HIPAA-compliant EHR system, you may be wondering why you would need our HIPAA E-Tool and Risk Analysis solutions. Financial incentive programs from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), require a HIPAA security risk analysis. But the EHR system by itself is not enough. Be aware:

 • No certified health technology system includes a full HIPAA Risk Analysis
 • Just using a certain EHR system does NOT make you compliant with HIPAA

Our HIPAA Risk Analysis tool will ensure that your organization is fully compliant with HIPAA and qualifies for CMS certification. This interactive solution will help you identify risks to protected health information on an annual basis. It will also guide your Risk Management protocols so that you can effectively defend protected health information, no matter what format it is in. Contact our team today if you would like to learn more about our HIPAA E-Tool and the benefits of a comprehensive Risk Analysis.

Customized HIPAA Risk Analysis Solutions

If you are worried about HIPAA compliance — and you should be — then it is time to take advantage of The HIPAA E-Tool®. Our SaaS solution is a user-friendly internet-based option that makes it easy to learn and follow HIPAA Rules. With our platform, you can efficiently conduct a HIPAA Risk Analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities that may expose confidential patient data. Since even a single violation can result in serious consequences for your organization, you must make every effort to ensure compliance with HIPAA guidelines. That’s where we can help! Our comprehensive HIPAA Risk Analysis software and E-Tool empowers you to deploy a complete risk management plan. You can easily find answers about HIPAA compliance concerns and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our E-Tool and prepare yourself to conduct a HIPAA Risk Analysis. One of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you have about our interactive and customizable solutions.

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