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Identify your "Business Associate" vendors

Business associates are vendors, contractors, partners or service providers that have access to protected health information. These providers are a diverse group and can include providers of:

  • Medical billing and coding
  • Laboratory analysis contractors
  • Answering services

Some of your vendors may be business associates, but may not even know it. Consider:

  • Copy machine leasing and service partners
  • Email providers
  • Online scheduling software vendors

Identify and label "HIPAA Hot Zones" around the office

Some areas around your office are of particular concern for HIPAA privacy. Think about your office from a visitor’s perspective. Walk through the front door. Where can protected health information be seen or heard? Can files or forms containing patient information be seen either accidentally or on purpose. Label those “Hot Zones” with the blue stickers included in your Quick Start Kit.

Identify and manage all webcams on office computers

Webcams, those tiny cameras featured in just about every phone, tablet and computer, can be accidentally or purposefully enabled, broadcasting or recording protected health details to the world. Use the Webcam Privacy Guard included in your Quick Start Kit to lock down the camera on your device. Need a few more? Give us a call.

Assign the role of "HIPAA Privacy Official" in your office

Not only is it a federal law, but it’s the smart thing to do. Establishing the role of “HIPAA Privacy Official” in your office is a necessary first step toward compliance. The HIPAA Privacy Official is the person tasked with managing HIPAA compliance for the entire office. Your HIPAA Privacy Official should be a willing volunteer who values patient privacy and is willing to lead with a culture of compliance to help everyone comply every day. The privacy official is in a position of authority and all of your employees and business associates should understand their important role in your organization and comply with their recommendations.

Get HIPAA Training

Thorough, quality HIPAA training is easy, when you have a partner. Don’t spend weeks or months researching the Federal Register for HIPAA practices. Let the people at The HIPAA E-Tool® manage your compliance process, Privacy Official training, ongoing policy maintenance and updates.

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